Jointspin24 is a company who standby with our members. So now we introduced most profitable and stable product for crypto trading called AI-24 arbitrage trading bot.

We are testing our arbitrage trading bot called AI-24 which gives us 99% accuracy. We have developed AI-24 and using from last 4 months and excited to tell u all. We are here to boom this market with a BANG! So we update everything to get futuristic and sustainable platform for lifetime where you all get huge earnings and change your life as par you want. We are here to stay long with you all. Our AI-24 is working for you 24 hours a day. We started our journey 08 Aug 2017 and slowly slowly growing but no problem because we will win the race with stability. Let’s enjoy our platform which gives you a Good wealth.

Jointspin24 is the great opportunity for Bitcoin owners to invest and make their capital grow in a highly secured environment.




Basic Rules

REGISTRATION FREE But with a referral link.


FREE MEMBERS You have also an opportunity to earn here to place your Direct referrals and get referral commission benefits from 1st level.

FUND YOUR WALLET With any amount more than $30. We have a payment gateway of crypto currency so you can pay with BITCOIN - ETHEREUM - RIPPLE - EOS - LITECOIN - CARDANO - NEO - DASH and many more.

PRODUCT UNIT To get unit benefits you have to buy at least 1 Unit which costs $30. Everyone can buy more than 1 Unit to get more & more or maximise your benefits. Every units enter into 2 earning places I.e. Passive Income & Global Pool.

PASSIVE INCOME Every Units get 0.30% Daily Cash back till 500 working Days (Monday- Friday). Your daily earning starts from 8th day of your unit buying time. It means everyone get their unit cost’s 150% in total.
Example: 100 Units X 0.30%=$9 Daily
Total unit cost $3000 and Total Cash back $4500)
It’s wow because it’s a Passive Earning.

GLOBAL POOL This pool has a QUEUE system as we saw earlier at our platform. Every one transaction have an entry in this pool with flat 15% Profit with your capital. Who is number 1 in the Queue get all payment in their wallet but in this Queue you don’t need to do any activations again & again because this is also a passive income like. 20% of every purchase is instantly sent to a Global Pool, and it is accumulated at the matching of the 1st user of the queue’s forecast and then that amount paid to the user immediately. So don’t worry be happy.

LUCKY DRAW One ticket cost $2. You may be lucky to get upto $500 or may be more.

TEAM INCOME Income will be calculated on unit ROI's regularly as given here:

1st Level - 5% 9th Level - 0.2%
2nd Level - 2% 10th Level - 0.2%
3rd Level - 2% 11th Level - 0.2%
4th Level - 0.5% 12th Level - 0.1%
5th Level - 0.5% 13th Level - 0.1%
6th Level - 0.3% 14th Level - 0.1%
7th Level - 0.3% 15th Level - 0.1%
8th Level - 0.3% 16th Level - 0.1%

*If anyone holds at a time 20 Units their referral income from 1st level is 50% of the earnings. If anyone holds at a time 50 Units they get 100% of the Earning of 1st level referrals. It’s wow isn’t it?

WITHDRAWAL Every MONDAY you can withdraw your fund Minimum $50 and maximum $100. It will be changed in future when it is needed. You can withdraw your fund as BITCOIN with current rate.

DEDUCTION From all your earnings we deduct 12%. From this 12%, 5% goes to Global Pool and 3% goes to immediate sponsor and 2% for Lucky Draw and rest for admin.

SOCIAL CAUSE From every Lucky draw winner’s amount 5% deduct for social cause you know as charity also. We add for social cause too (50% of the deducted amount). Total amount we give for human being, society & environment.